Statistical Yearbook Thailand 2019 - page 6

National Statistical Office; NSO, as a central statistical agency, has been playing major roles to
manage and administrate the system of statistics and information of the country, to serve all sectors
statistics and information for being used as guiding light for the country development. Thus NSO has been
publishing “Statistical Yearbook of Thailand” in order to collect and compile major statistics regarding
economic, social and environment. Those statistics were from both censuses and surveys conducted by
NSO as well as from other statistical units of Line Ministries. This publication has been disseminated to all
users, such as government and private sectors, education institutes and general public, including
international organs. These statistical data could be used to guide policy planning and formulation, decision
making, research and as references purposes.
Statistical Yearbook consists of two parts of content;
the first part
is the graphic of
the map of Thailand, basic information and major indicators as an overview. Then
the second part
comprises statistical information, in form of statistical tables and charts. The detailed content is divided into
statistical sectors. They are Demographic, Population and Housing Statistics, Labour Statistics,
Education Statistics, Religion, Art and Culture Statistics, Health Statistics, Social Security Statistics, Gender
Statistics, Household Income and Expenditure Statistics, Justice, Security, Political and Public
Administration Statistics, National Accounts, Agriculture and Fishery Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Energy
Statistics, Trade and Price Statistics, Transport and Logistics Statistics, Information Communication and
Technology Statistics, Tourism and Sports Statistics, Finance, Banking and Insurance Statistics, Fiscal
Statistics, Science, Technology and Innovation Statistics and Natural Resources and Environment Statistics.
In addition, all sources were identified in an introductory part of each chapter and in footnotes to
statistical tables for further information.
In this regard, NSO would like to express our gratitude to all government agencies and state
enterprises for their kind support in providing statistical data for this
Statistical Yearbook. We look
forward to your continued cooperation so that all related users can continue to benefit in using statistical
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